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Photoalbum:  "Kuratov" Opera at Syktyvkar Opera and Ballet Theatre in Oct.2009

 Syktyvkar Opera and Ballet Theatre  

Musical Theatre formed in 1958,

The building was built in 1968,

800 seats,

Art Director Ija Bobrakova,

"Kuratov" opened the 52th season,

State property of Komi Republic,

Monument to Ivan Kuratov in front

of the Theatre was erected in 1977.

Opera–House, fountain, monument

Main characters

Ivan Kuratov Anatoly Izmalkov

Sandra Alfia Korotajeva (10.02.2009)

Olga Sosnovskaya (10.03.2009)

Mother Helena Serkova

Pavel Anatoly Zhuravlev

Porfiry Jury Novikov

Antonina Tamara Savchenko

Maria Larisa Pominova.

The première of the "Kuratov" ("Parmasa Kolipkaj") opera opened the 52th theatre season of 2009/10 at the Syktyvkar Opera and Ballet Theatre.  Komi musical theatre history has a number of grand national performances, but it is the first opera to perform mostly in Komi language.

This is the stage version story of Ivan Kuratov (1839–1875), Komi poet and the founder of Komi national literature. He left his native small village at the age of 10 to study, worked in Ust–Sysolsk, left Komi in 1865 and never came back, died when he was 36.  Sure it is the story of Komi ethnography and music and folk show also.Serge Noskov

Serge Noskov, the opera composer (sergenoskov.ucoz.com, photo) is native Komi, lives in London now. All the music is perceived similar to national traditions so it seems to be familiar. Some forced strange russian inclusions do not spoil general emotional impression. Serge Noskov was invited as the composer. It was an excellent choice, we are waiting for his new music.

The opera was produced by Ija Bobrakova (photo), the art manager of Syktyvkar Opera–House. The main singer parts at the première on the 2nd of October were played by Anatoly Izmalkov in the role of Ivan Kuratov (photo) and Alfia Korotajeva (Sandra) (photo).

At the next day performance the leading woman part was played by Olga Sosnovskaya (photo). Reported it was her first singing in Komi language.

*   *   *

The "Kuratov" opera presentation download.

Photoalbum of the 10.02.2009 première performance

Photoalbum of the 10.03.2009 performance

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