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Greetings and saying good-bye

(vid'ža olan)   how do you do!  singular

(vid'ža olannyd)   how do you do!  plural

ӧ (čolöm)   hello, hi!

(bur asyv)  good morning!

(bur lun)   good afternoon!, good day!

(bur ryt)   good evening!

(bur voj)   good night!

(bura uz'ny)   good night!, have a nice sleeping!

(bur tuj);   (bura vetlyny)   good voyage!

ӧ (askiöd'ž)   till tomorrow!, see you tomorrow!

ӧ   good-bye! See you soon!

ӧ (stav bursö)   good-bye!, all the best!

ӧ (byd bursö)   all the best to everybody!

ӧ (vid'ža kol'öj)   good-bye!,  be healthy and sound!

(vid'ža koljannyd)   good-bye! plural

ӧ (att'ö)   thank you;   ӧ thank you very much!

Dialog ӧӧ  Get acquainted
- !- How do you do!
- ӧ!- Hello!
- o ӧ?- What is your name?
- .- Raida.
- !- Very beautiful name!
- ӧ,
- Thank you, and what
      is your name?
- ӧ.- Sandrӧ.
- !- It's great!
Notes1. Phonetic word accent in Komi occurs initially (e.g., like in Finnish or in Czech). The words came from Russian or English may have their original movable stress, or in Komi it may go to the first syllable. You won't be mistaken accenting the first syllable.
2. Phonetic word accent in traditional Komi is mostly musical, not like Russian stress of loudness. Accented word syllable in Komi is never longer.


(zèv)  adverb very;   very fine weather

(bur) adjective good,   kind man;   the best; everything's OK

(bura)  adverb good, nice, OK; - (-) carefully, successfully, duly

(abu)  no, not, not any;   not a long time; і not too expensive

(mіča)  adjective beautiful, attractive;   pretty girl

   adverb beautifully, well

(lk)  adjective bad

(lka)  adverb badly

ӧ (čӧskyd)  adjective tastful;   ӧ very tastful fish

ӧ (čӧskyda)  adverb tasty

(pyr)  adverb constantly, always;   ӧ for ever

(regyd)  adverb soon;  ӧ for a short time

; ӧ; ӧ; ӧӧ; ӧӧ; ӧ adv. perhaps, may be, probably.

Proverbs & Sayings

ӧ і:   Old people told:

 Good girl has a good price (wedding).
Having husband, woman is nice and young.
ӧ ()  Life is not a tale.
ӧ  No deal (means) no judgement.

Date, Season

   today    this year   spring   morning
ӧ  yesterdayӧ   last yearӧ  summer  day, afternoon
   tomorrowӧ    next year   autumn   evening
  the day after tomorrow   next yearӧ   winter   night

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