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How to say "I am gay" in Komi?

The question was asked by a visitor of the foto11.com website. It is very often considered a taboo or it is generally ignored, many people are still suffering from misunderstanding, prosecution and prejudices. According to the visitor the relate Udmurt language uses the term.

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It was needed to carry out a special survey on the versions of the term are used by Komi speaking people. There were collected 3 versions of the word: ӧ (blue), ӧ (light blue) and ӧ (faded, pallid, dark blue) in Komi Zyrian. Different people may use different versions, and the meaning of the word is clear in context. Its impossible to say which version is more popular or will dominate in future. The last version obviously has a little negative sense; may be the reason was that it was reported by women. So ӧ version would be preferred.

In Komi Permyak the only version is ӧ.

The term is the direct transliteration of the "gay", it is international due to the Hollywood movies. Many people supposed to understand the meaning. May be some day Komi people will often use it, but not now. Nobody offered the "" version during the survey.

Finally, the expression "i am gay" should be in Komi Zyrian: " ӧ". In Komi Permyak one letter is different: " ӧ".