Komi Zyrians Traditional Culture

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FAQ:  Frequently Asked Questions

Why photo?

Sure it is just another sight and vision. Photography seems to be more expressive than text or video.

Why 11?

In accordance with the russian-controlled constitution the Komi Republic is the eleventh at the alphabetical listing of all regions. So the number 11 is widely used to indicate our republic. For instance, have a look at the governor's car number, my personal tax id first digits are 11.

Where your Syktyvkar and Komi Republic are situated?

National Komi Republic is a northwestern region of Russian Federation, a map of the Komi Republic and Syktyvkar in Barents Euro-Arctic Region (gif, 122 kb.).
A brief description of the Republic from the Encyclopedia Britannica. I do not think i could do it better.

Why photographies are small?

All photos are optimized to make your viewing fast and pleasant, and to save your expenses for internet traffic. Files size were reduced as much as possible. All original photographies in my stock archives are of high resolution and could be ordered.

Are you a professional photographer?

I am self-employed and a freelance photographer. I hope the photography soon would be my main occupation. Website foto11.com is my personal project.

Name:Vit Serguievski
Post Address:PO Box 692, Main Post Office, Syktyvkar, Russia 167000
Country:Russian Federation
Miles from Major City: 1400 from Saint Petersburg to the east
Tele no.:(8212)331153, (8212)242853
Country Code:7
FAX no.:(8212)242853
Language:English, Komi,  Russian (not too fast).

I have many images in my stock collection and would be glad to make for you series work, photo reports and photoalbums. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.

How the photoalbums could be viewed?

Click the first photo icon to enlarge the photography in a new page, and follow the arrow (next) to open next pages.
If you want to view only some photos of the album, the right click proved to be the best way. Single photographies are convenient to open in another windows.

Komi or Russian language text is not readable, and why?

Komi or Russian language text has encoding charset=ISO-8859-5, and to be supported by any internet browser. If it is not automatically recognized try to chose View — Encoding — Cyrillic (ISO) in your program. The second probable problem is that your computer font should contain cyrillic letters also. The standard free Microsoft Verdana font should be enough, available at Microsoft's,  or download now.

Copyright policy.

All images and text 2004-2017 © foto11.com, Vit Serguievski. All rights reserved.
Any foto11.com photos and images are free for private use. Enjoy!
Unauthorized public use is strictly prohibited.


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